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Privacy and Comfort at The Signature at MGM Grand

A genuinely satisfying stay in a condo-hotel like The Signature at MGM Grand is defined by the privacy and comfort generated by its facilities and its staff. This is why many top-tier condos are rapid in developing the best rooms and concierge services because at the end of the day, the grand amenities are just the perks that come along when you book your stay. What truly matters are the rooms that you settle in and how the employees cherished and treated you during your stay.

Of course, you will get the best value of your money if you choose to stay or own at The Signature at MGM Grand. Aside from the great rooms, the condo-hotel offers commendable 24/7 concierge services that are always on high alert to elevate your luxurious experience.

Hassle free check-in

You will be welcomed by the friendly valet services when you arrive at The Signature at MGM Grand. From there, the concierge (or another employee you got in touch with) will assist you towards the front desk, where a pleasant receptionist will introduce you to the condo-hotel’s amenities and services. If you booked beforehand, the concierge will coordinate with you about the amenities you selected.

All of the three condo-hotels at The Signature at MGM Grand have lobbies that are truly entrancing with bright, creamy lighting and classic interior design. Since the condo-hotels have no casinos inside, it will not be noisy and smoky like gaming areas.

Once you are checked in, the bell function will be responsible to get your luggage and take them to your room in a secure and sound manner. From the valet to the bell services, you will be greeted by the warm smiles of the concierge, making the early moments of your stay exceptionally blissful!

Gorgeous private rooms

The rooms at The Signature at MGM Grand have spacious rooms, upscale kitchens with granite and marble surfaces, entertainment equipment, and grand spa-like bathroom features designed for privacy and luxury. Here are the types of suites offered by the condo-hotel that you can rent or own:

One bedroom balcony suite

This 950 square foot room has a single master bedroom with a king-size bed perfect for one person or a small family. Adding to the comfort is a queen-sized sofa bed. Both of them are draped with the beautiful luxury fabrics and linens from The Signature at MGM Grand.

There is a balcony, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can get a majestic view of The Strip. You can also immerse yourself in entertainment and relaxation with the room’s 42-inch flat screen TV and whirlpool spa tub.

Two bedroom balcony suite

There are two bedrooms in this 1,500-square-foot suite. It is somehow similar to the one bedroom balcony suite, but there are extra upscale features such as a fully furnished living room, two master bathrooms, one guest bathroom, and a full kitchen. A dashing balcony that offers a gorgeous setting will alleviate the ambiance of the area.

Deluxe suite

A maximum of four people will find exquisiteness in this 550-square-foot suite with an elegant master bedroom, a sitting area with entertainment center, and a complete kitchenette. You can marvel at the view outside through the grand windows swathed by blackout drapes for privacy.

Deluxe balcony suite

This is as big and as furnished as the deluxe suite but its main charm is the balcony, where you can look at the vistas of Las Vegas while engaging yourself on the lavishness that the suite offers.

Room service and maintenance

The room service in The Signature at MGM Grand starts from the moment you arrive at the suite. You will be greeted by flowers, welcome baskets, and delicacies which will make the start of your stay as enticing as possible.

If you have special requests, you can easily call or get in touch directly with the concierge services and they will attend to it. For example, as part of the maintenance services, you can request for a repair if your balcony door does not lock. Within minutes, your balcony door will be secured as new.

In-resort assistance

If you are staying at The Signature at MGM Grand for events like a birthday or reunion, you can get the help of the concierge to assist you for certain tasks like taking photos. You can also ask the concierge to organize a surprise event like a marriage proposal!

The concierge also accepts smaller scale assistance. If you want to go around the vicinity without the kids, you can opt for babysitting services. You can also ask the concierge for activities that they recommend.

Reservation and transportation

You can set appointments or reservations for the MGM Grand’s features such as restaurants, shows, nightclubs, as well as spa and salon services through calling the concierge, who will take secure you a spot.

Since The Strip offers countless remarkable attractions, it will be a shame not to go around and get a taste of Nevada’s prime city. This is why The Signature at MGM Grand offers car rentals, town car rentals, and even limousine rentals to make your travel more convenient!

Security and monitoring

The three high rises at The Signature at MGM Grand are gate-guarded with tight security round the clock. While the concierge will regularly follow up on you, they offer enough distance, privacy, and freedom to their guests and owners. Nonetheless, be assured that they are fully available if there is a need for their services.

The needs and desires of either a guest or an owner are fulfilled at The Signature at MGM Grand! Own at The Signature at MGM Grand now to experience the condo-hotel’s majestic services.

MGM Signature by The Brooks Team
145 East Harmon Avenue Suite # 3802, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 805-0808