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Planning To Visit Vegas? Here Are Top 10 Things You Want to Pack!

One of the best places to stay in Las Vegas is The Signature at MGM Grand. Here, you will experience a top-tier concierge, amenity, and lounging experience. For you to fully experience the luxury that the condo-hotel offers and the fast pace of the entire city, of course you need to pack the necessary items to ensure your stay and trip are comfortable and hassle-free!

Aside from tickets and passports, we listed the top 10 things you should have in your suitcase as you make your way to the Entertainment Capital of the World!

#1 Clothing

A diverse but minimal set of clothes is more than enough to help you get by during your stay in Vegas. Even if you are staying in a condo-hotel like The Signature at MGM Grand, you do not want a heavy suitcase full of clothes.

Since Las Vegas is situated in arid desert, it could get hot here, so pick clothes that are thin but with style so you can use them for different activities. At times it could also get cold in Las Vegas, so make sure you also have sweaters or hoodies that you can use during a casual walk at night. Of course, a set of undergarments should also be on your suitcase!

Tip: To free up space, you can roll your clothes and insert them in your shoes.

#2 Shoes

Speaking of shoes, you will probably do a lot of walking in Las Vegas, especially during your trip at The Strip or at a nature trip like the Red Rock Canyon tour. Pack comfortable shoes like sneakers, rubber shoes, and slip-ons. Avoid shoes with heels if possible – you do not want blisters or foot pain during your trip.

#3 Sun protection

Since Las Vegas weather can be prickly hot, bringing with you sun protection essentials will make a difference. Make sure you have a nice pair of shades, umbrellas, caps, visors, hats, and even sunblock lotion to help protect you and your companions from the harmful effects of the sun and the city’s humidity.

#4 Water bottles

The immense amount of walking and the scorching heat can minimize the great experience you could have in Las Vegas, so make sure you have refillable and non-breakable water containers with you. Pack ergonomic and lightweight ones so you would not get annoyed carrying them around. If you happen to forget your own, The Signature at MGM Grand offers water bottles and other refreshments.

#5 Camera

Las Vegas has breathtaking attractions wherever you turn so you will miss out a lot if you will not capture photos! The Signature at MGM Grand alone possesses incredible structures, like the three towers and prominent shows that are worthy of pictures!

Tip: A low light camera can be handy because Las Vegas is truly dazzling at night.

#6 Charger or extra batteries

You would not want your devices running out of power when you are touring around the city, which is why you need to pack chargers or extra batteries. Before going out of the room where you are staying, charge all devices and store additional batteries in your bag.

#7 Body bag

Having sling bags and belts where you can keep in money, your passport, and other documents can make your entire experience smoother. You can also put there other items listed above such as water bottles, sun protection essentials, and devices.

#8 Medication or first aid kits

Your well-being and overall health should be your top priority. Small emergency kits consisting of plasters, bandages, pins, gauzes, and anti-septic solutions should be packed in your suitcase. Accidents can happen anytime, especially in a bustling city like Las Vegas. If you or someone from your group is taking medication, ensure that you have enough supply which you should carry wherever you go.

#9 Copies of documents

For peace of mind in case your travel documents or other files were lost, make photocopies before leaving for Las Vegas. You can leave them in your room or stack them properly in your body bag in case you might need them.

#10 Accessories

Complement the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas by bringing accessories like jewelries, hats, or belts. They should be something that you could use in different occasions during your stay, may it be when you are lounging by the pool, taking a long walk, going out for a dinner, or attending a special event.

Having all the right items with you during your trip in Las Vegas will help you mend troubles in case you encounter them. Experience a lavish stay in Las Vegas through The Signature at MGM Grand that offers upscale services and resources right when you need them!

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